You do deserve more than a weatherspoon (a declaration of friendship)


Fake lashes and centre parting

Gold skin, your tan is daunting

Your dress is tight and my lips are pursed

When I see you walking in front of my face

It’s like I turn the tv on and watch Love Island


Just below the line of his Calvin Klein

or crossing his chest, hairless but shiny

Not to my taste, eyes closed strongly

listening to the sound of his mother tongue



And us, matching helmets,

matching distress,

Eating Mr Whippy and arancinis

hiding in the shade on the beach

entering the shed to avoid the bitch

easy peasy as saucy besties


If the rabbit is a typo

and the men are either growers or showers

You’ll rise or die under the water

If only I’m allowed into your bubble again

that could be us quietly watching the rain


But never oh, never

let him push the doors of a Weatherspoon

because you deserve more,

really, you do deserve more

than something cheap and soggy


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