Jour 2

I’ve got a ick, the star sign chicks

Harrison told Bronte that he doesn’t find her attractive anymore. Jesse told Adam that he is a cunt. We’re not sure, it was bipped but everyone said ohhhhhh so we assume it was the female genitalia word. Lyndall couldn’t take to the grave that Adam said he would go home with Claire. Adam convinced Janelle she shouldn’t look into his phone because they trust each other, even if the task was to show you can be trusted by showing your phone, but Janelle didn’t pick up on this odd behaviour and you can tell she will be disappointed along the line. Her overprotective brothers would potentially have to intervene as she is quite clueless but also their relationship is weird af and perhaps they should marry each other but obviously this is not okay because they are siblings. She is really pretty though, but she asked what is your main stream of income, and that is just an orange flag. Mel didn’t know Josh’s job, and that is worrying after spending two weeks with someone. I don’t know Josh’s job neither, but I haven’t been to the Fiji with him. And won’t in the future. So he needs to tell me on tv what is his job. He says he feels lonely, he doesn’t know what to do anymore when his kids are not around. I feel the same Josh, but I don’t have kids yet. Bronte’s friend told her about a young 20 year old girl that Harrison was seeing. They kept saying that, a young girl. Giving me Martha vibe if you know what I mean. 

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