5 gr


Beside you I would hatch from my egg

A dinosaur egg,

adorned with an orange and white snake pattern


Beside you I would scrutinize the world like a meerkat

Do you know they have clear eyelids to protect them from the dust

while they’re digging?


Beside you I would swim into the silky canal at dusk

to catch the wee Spanish ball


Beside you I would lie down on the grass and

watch the royal poodle

or should I say the beauty dog

becoming a foetus

becoming a man on his back


Beside you I would be warm

under the curves of your eyelashes

long, so long, they cover me like a blanket


Beside you I would eat a chicken every day

and all the slushies of Clapton


Beside you I would turn into a giant

wearing 1 2 3 pairs of Crocs


Beside you I would be pregnant of my own life

and I would blossom

every morning

beside you


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